Language in Use

Language in Use – Übungen kommen häufig bei Tests und Schularbeiten vor und sind ein Thema, das vielen Schüler:innen immer wieder Bauchschmerzen bereitet. Englisch-Lehrerin Viktoria hat für die Salzburger Stipendiat:innen einen Kurs angeboten, wo Language in Use Übungen spielerisch mit Teamgeist trainiert werden konnten. Hier die Rückmeldungen der Teilnehmer:innen:

Our workshop today was about language in use, which is an important part of tests. We refreshed
the rules and found ways to have better instincts for right answers. We were active and creative by making our own
language in use tasks at the end. Many thanks to Viktoria for organizing this great workshop.


The workshop”Language in Use” was amazing. We did a lot of activities together: quizzes,
individual work, group exercises and etc. The workshop also was very structured. I received some cool and useful
tips and learning material.


Today, we had an English in Use workshop with Viktoria Kranawetter in the START office.
It was very interesting and we did a few exercises. Viktoria gave us a lots of tips how to get better in English. And at
the end we had to create our own exercise and after that we tested them. It was a good day and I learned a lot of
new things.


Today in the “Language in use” workshop we’ve learned quite a lot of tips for three types of
this exercise. We practiced filling in the gaps, word formation and multiple choice in B1-B2 level, which was a useful
practice. The best part was creating our own tasks and then testing them out with other participants, it gave us an
impression of how such exercises are made, which helped to understand their logic better, and was just a lot of fun:)
Thank you!


I found the whole Workshop really interesting. We learned more about the Language in Use and
how to be more creative with our texts and to think more logical sometimes. We got separated in two groups and
had to create own tasks which was really fun and also hard to do. We then got to try out and do the exercise the
other group had made. Overall, it was a really helpful and interesting Workshop, I enjoyed it a lot.

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