English-Workshop: Blog posts & blog comments

In this workshop, we learned about the special character of blog posts / comments and how to best write this kind of text by ourselves. We took a look at some examples of good blogs and then got creative and wrote our own ones! We got individual feedback from English teacher Viktoria Kranawetter as well as from the other Stipis.


It’s always beautiful to have Workshops with Viktoria, cause her motivation gives us the strengh to follow her. I was completely happy to refresh and repeat the instructions of writing a blog, cause it would be my next exam topic and the writing workshop today helped me to comprehend the main information of writing a blog. Thank you for being such a good teacher, Viktoria.


How to write a blog post/comment. That’s what we had been learning last Saturday, together with Viktoria. Of course, we started with some warm-ups, as always, before digging into the subject. It was so fun, even though we kept mixing everything up at the end! (Not the blogs, the warm-ups) Blogs are not new to me, although I didn’t know that there was a writing guide: The two types, the form of a blog, the tone, the language, etc. We learn new things every day, don’t we? 🙂


Last Saturday, we have studied the Text Type blog comment, and this was very helpful for us. It was all so very important for a lot of us, because many of us study this topic at school right now and they get this Text Type in their school test. Thank you very much ❤️


Der Englisch Workshop, der am 01.04.2023 stattgefunden hat, war für mich sehr hilfreich. Ich habe vieles zu Blog comments bzw. Blog posts gelernt. Ich empfehle allen, die die Möglichkeit haben bei so einem wunderbares Workshop mitzumachen direkt hinzugehen, weil die Informationen, die man dort bekommt sind wirklich nützlich. Im Großen und Ganzen der Workshop war sehr spannend.

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