Visit the Museum with Emma at the Salzburg MoMa

Sunny days and saturdays! Our Salzburg scholars had the opportunity to go and see Marinella Senatore’s exhibition at the Salzburg Modern Art Museum. There, they had the chance to talk about the different art works and discuss their opinions on many different themes and installations.

Here are some of their thoughts:

“From my point of view, the visit to the museum was very nice. I really liked that Mariella Senator addresses the public in an open and accessible manner, social and political beings. Very interesting was that she brings together different artistic languages and disciplines.” – Petronela

“Der Museum workshop war für mich einer der besten Workshops, da wir vor allem unsere Englisch Sprache verstärken könnten und auch viele Informationen über Marinella Senatoren sammeln.” – Mustafa

“We rise by lifting others was such a fun experience! I truly enjoyed the whole exhibition we got the chance to see. I liked all the messages Marinella S. was sharing, especially this one : “Breathe, you’re enough.” I also like how some of her works had every kind of people involved: Old like young, man like woman. In my opinion, it is like she is saying that everyone is valued and able and that together, we make this world better. Thankfull!” – Marielle

“Ich fand das heutige Programm echt interessant. Alles was ich auf den ersten Stock gesehen habe hat mir gefallen außer das Film, da bin ich fast eingeschlafen. Der 2 Stock war nichts für mich also bin ich auch ned lange da geblieben.” – Rayan

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