Speak English with Maude

Now people say that during quarantine Pupils don’t have a lot of things to do. On the contrary however, we Start Stipindiaten organized a weekly English meeting with Maude because we believe that a language must be spoken and practiced continuously in order to improve.  

Every Friday at 11:00 O´clock numerous Students join the meeting online with Maude so they can have a conversation with each other. Maude, as an English native speaker and as a teacher at the same time helps make us confident with the language. She gives us opportunities   to express ourselves correctly and learn something new with improving our English. For instance, last week we discussed a very interesting topic, which concerns every one of us: CONFIDENCE   Everyone wants to be confident with everything he is doing, but do we really work hard to reach confidence? I don’t reckon so. Oral exams are part of the bachelor here in Austria and especially English because as we know English is the most spoken language all over the world. That’s why we decided to have these meetings and not only once, but every week. Before Corona crisis we always met in the START office and had an awesome meeting face to face. We talked about everything.

But now while we are in distance learning our meetings have changed to skype and I admit, it´s working very well!!

Last but not least on behalf of everyone in Start-Family including me I want to thank Maude for organizing these Meetings in order for us to improve ourselves in different ways. Maude, we are very thankful to have this opportunity with you even in the worst time, like what we are going through now. And I´m not allowed to forget Start itself because it has made this English program possible.

Ein Bericht von Stipendiat Ghaiath

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