Smile Akademie an intensive course in English

Don’t think a lot – just do it. In the summer vacation, while all students were enjoying their holidays, some Stipis decided to improve their English. As you know, students should nowadays speak English fluently in high schools. So instead of going swimming, chilling or enjoying the summer holidays elsehow, some Stipis were studying English and even enjoying the lessons.

From the 13th of August until the 31st of August some Stipis attended an intensive afternoon course to improve their English. Two of them have to retake the exam in this subject in September. The rest of the group felt that they had some difficulties in, for example, listening and writing and they wanted to get better. All in all, the group was perfect and nice to work and spend time with.

In this course we learned a lot of things that we need for both school and life in general. Every day we practiced reading, listening, speaking and grammar. The special thing that I liked very much is that all the exercises we did, were exactly the same as in our schools. Our teacher (Sandra Cupic) set the time for all the exercises and when the time was finished, we were not allowed to write any more letter. I was always like: “Please teacher, just one more second (haha)” but she didn’t let me go on. Luckily, I really improved, and I feel that I made big advances in the last weeks. Moreover, our teacher was very nice as she worked a lot to help us make our English better and to prepare us for the upcoming exam, respectively, the upcoming school year. At the end of the course we all got certificates. Some of us got it for the B1-level while others got it for the B2-level.

In conclusion, I would like to say that the course was very helpful, especially when considering the fact that we only talked in English. Every time when I talked in German, our teacher told me “I don’t understand you.”(haha). This is why I always repeated what I wanted in English. I hope I will pass my exam.

A report from Stipendiat: Ibrahem Hamshari








Here are some opinions form the participants:

Nina: For me the course was very helpful and I learned a lot. We also had a nice teacher and I always enjoyed the lessons.

Serife: I personally think that these kinds of courses are really helpful because we did everything to get fit for our A-levels. I really recommend such a course to those who have difficulties with English.

Scherwan: The teacher was very kind and she made the course very interesting, so we were never bored in these classes. We did a lot of difficult exercises every day, which were useful, and we talked only in English. I personally got more confident and can now use English more fluently.

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