English Book Club – Lion: A Long Way Home

Ein Samstagabend voller lebhafter Diskussion mit aufregendem Meinungsaustausch auf Englisch – das kann fast nur ein toller Buchclub! Danke an Emma Marnoch für die super Leitung des Buchclubs und an unseren Stipendiatinnen, die den Abend mit ihren Gedanken spannend gemacht haben.

Sofia: “Personally, I think it was quite an easy book to read, but Saroo’s journey from being lost in India to finding his way back home was heart-breaking. During our book club discussion, I appreciated hearing the diverse perspectives of the book club members. It was interesting to explore how differently we interpreted certain events and characters. The themes of identity, family, and the impact of technology on our lives sparked conversations. Thanks a lot for the organisation of this book club.”

Tenzin: “The bookclub discussion was something unforgettable. It was a new experience for me working with scholarship holders of START from all over Austria. I appreciated the work of the organizers and it was amazing how everyone worked together perfectly. Moreover, I loved the story we had to read and discussing about it was my favorite. Overall, I had an excellent time and one of the best weekends!”

Naomi: “Lion” by Saroo Brierley. So hieß das Buch, das wir im Dezember im English-BookClub gelesen und besprochen haben. Es ging dabei hauptsächlich um Themen wie Identität, kulturelle Unterschiede und Familie. Heimat und zuhause spielen in diesem Buch auch eine große Rolle. In diesem Punkt konnte ich mich mit der Hauptperson des Buches gut identifizieren, denn für mich gibt es auch 2 Orte, wo ich mich zuhause fühle: Österreich und mein Heimatland Rumänien. Da das Buch und das Zoom Meeting in Englisch waren, konnte ich mein Vokabular durch Wörter wie mud, tracks und accountancy bereichern.”

Hajer: „Participating in the book club discussion about the book “Lion” was truly a great experience. I particularly enjoyed the discussions among us scholarship holders because each of us brought unique ideas, thoughts, and perspectives, enhancing the overall experience. It was also enlightening to delve into a story that provided insights into various life aspects, especially those related to India. In the end, I would like to express my gratitude to START for the excellent organization. It was truly inspiring and enjoyable.“

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