Sinem – Auslandspraktikum

“Before I was going to start my studies in the University of Liechtenstein, I wanted to take advantage of the opportunity to travel to England this summer and work as a trainee in a real estate agency for two weeks. My placement was at the Warwick Estate Agents located near to Kensal Rise Station in Zone 2. As my host family was living in Zone 5, I had to commute a little longer than I was used to back in Vorarlberg. After all, this is very common in big cities, so that’s why I didn’t mind it at all. Each morning, I got myself a big cup of coffee to-go and started working in the office. My tasks were reading all new e-mails, letters and inquiries. After that, I had to register all new contacts in the system including what they needed and wished for. Then, I had to send each customer an individualized offer back. Some of the other things I had to do were sorting documents into folders and sending clients brochures of houses that were still available for letting or selling. I want to thank my professors and especially ADC college for providing me such a wonderful opportunity!“