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We all must take care of our environment. That’s a sure thing. No matter whether young or old or rich or poor – fact is, that we live in it and if we continue doing stupid things and harming it like the last couple of years, we will for sure harm ourselves too.

Last week we had the chance to discuss this important topic online with an English teacher. On the one hand we learned a lot of new things about our environment, especially about climate change, and on the other hand we did that while speaking in English. That way we could hit two birds with one stone.

Our teacher, Louise, had prepared some worksheets for us, which we all received per Mail. This way, we had a strict plan and didn’t waste any time. We started off by getting to know each other and discussing general things regarding the environment. We then had a small environmental quiz, which I sadly was not so good at. However, we learned a lot of new surprising facts about things and countries that harm the environment the most.  

By doing different tasks like describing pictures, reading out lout and giving our opinion on different things, we were able to train our spoken English very well. Especially nowadays, we have to stay informed about what is happening to our nature worldwide. Climate change, poor air quality and undrinkable water are only some few examples of how we are not only harming the environment we live in, but ourselves too.

Reported by Shahed

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